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  • Dr. Stefanie Lemke

Talk at LSA Global Meeting 2022

It was great to see old and new colleagues at the Law and Society Association's annual meeting in Lisbon last month, which gathers hundreds of sociolegal scholars and practitioners each year.

I had the pleasure to moderate a fascinating panel on judges and judgments - on justice reform, gerrymandering and the impact of critical decisions in Bangladesh, Brazil and the US - and the honour to participate in the roundtable on lawyers chaired by Richard Abel (UCLA).

Together with Lynn Mather, Sara Dezalay and Sundeep Aulakh, I discussed forces that have been and will continue to shape the legal profession. I presented on the rise of populist movements and its impact on lawyers.

Many thanks to Ole Hammerslev and Ulrike Schultz for comments and a special thanks to Sara for making this roundtable possible. I very much hope that we can continue our incredibly rich discussion at the 2023 LSA meeting!

If you are interested to read more about my presentation, my article 'Advocates for Silenced Voices: How Human Rights Lawyers in Europe and Latin America Defend the Rule of Law' has just been published as part of a major study of the legal profession, in the landmark book series 'Lawyers in Society' (Hart), which you can find here.

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