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  • Dr. Stefanie Lemke

Save the date: EnRoL! webinar on digital surveillance

EnRoL! - The Human Rights & Rule of Law Speaker Series is organizing a webinar on artificial intelligence that will take place on 12 October 2022, 1-2 p.m. (Amsterdam time).

We will discuss ‘WE ARE SPYING ON YOU - THE BENEFITS AND THE RISKS OF DIGITAL SURVEILLANCE’, looking at how the EU approaches artificial intelligence and the legal consequences for corporations providing spy software to authoritarian regimes, with two fantastic guests:

Dr. Miriam Saage-Maaß, Legal Director & Head of Business and Human Rights Programme, European Centre for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR), Germany, and

Dr. Machiko Kanetake, Associate Professor of Public International Law, Utrecht University, Netherlands.

Registration is free and now open, here. For more information about the event, please see our poster, here.

EnRoL! - The Human Rights & Rule of Law Speaker Series is the speaker series for everyone interested in the latest developments in human rights and the rule of law. Five times a year, we give the floor to two female role models, scholars and practitioners, who will discuss human rights and rule of law matters from around the world. EnRoL! is organized by Dr. Stefanie Lemke and Dr. Qiao Cong-rui (VU Amsterdam).


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