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  • Dr. Stefanie Lemke

International Conference on Access to Justice in Ankara

Many thanks to the Association for Monitoring Equal Rights (ESHİD) for inviting me to the truly inspiring International Conference on Access to Justice in Ankara, which brought together key scholars and practitioners from across Europe working on equal access to justice for all. I had the pleasure to connect with many like-minded colleagues and attend fantastic talks by bar associations from across Turkey, Julinda Beqiraj, Ahmet Mert Duygun, Ulaş Karan, Jelle Klaas, Özge Kutlu, Róisín Pillay, Marc Willers and many more.

I presented on the role of legal technology as an interesting way to make legal aid services more accessible to vulnerable groups. Thanks so much to Çiğdem Sever for excellent moderation, my co-panelists İdil Elveriş, Ezgi Özlü and Gráinne McKeever for great discussion, and the audience for its many questions and comments!


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