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  • Dr. Stefanie Lemke

EnRoL! webinar on Digital Surveillance & Defenders

EnRoL! - The Human Rights & Rule of Law Speaker Series was back today! We like to thank our fantastic guests, Dr Machiko Kanetake and Dr Miriam Saage-Maaß, for their excellent and very timely presentations on digital surveillance - the significant impact new technologies can have on people's rights and the struggle to hold companies to account for providing spy software to non-EU governments.

We very much hope that we can repeat today's success and will have many more webinars like this - with rich discussion and participants joining us from across the globe!

EnRoL! - The Human Rights & Rule of Law Speaker Series is the speaker series for everyone interested in the latest developments in human rights and the rule of law. Five times a year, we give the floor to two female role models, scholars and practitioners, who will discuss human rights and rule of law matters from around the world. EnRoL! is organized by Dr Stefanie Lemke and Dr Cong-rui Qiao.


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