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  • Dr. Stefanie Lemke

EnRoL! Webinar on 'Women's Rights in Asia: Love, Consent and Technology'

We like to thank all participants who found the time last week to join us for another amazing webinar of EnRoL! - The Human Rights and Rule of Law Speaker Series!

We had the honour to talk to Dr. Sou Hee Yang, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, Waseda University in Tokyo, and Dr. Rama Srinivasan, Anthropologist and Author of ‘Courting Desire: Litigating for Love in North India’, who discussed with us online violence against women and a woman's right to choose who she wants to marry in Asia. In particular, we looked at the situation of love marriage in India and penalizing technology-facilitated gender-based violence in Japan and South Korea.

Finally, a big thanks to our audience for the many questions and comments - and for joining us in very early morning / staying up late for us!

EnRoL! - The Human Rights & Rule of Law Speaker Series is the webinar series for everyone interested in the latest developments in human rights and rule of law. We give the floor to female role models, practitioners and scholars, who discuss with us human rights and rule of law matters from around the world. EnRoL! is organized by Dr. Stefanie Lemke and Dr. Qiao Cong-rui.


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