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  • Dr. Stefanie Lemke

EnRoL! on 'Human rights lawyering in a hostile climate' with Hilary Sommerlad & Sophie de Graaf

We discussed lawyers' rights and the shrinking space for civil society with the Executive Director of the Dutch NGO Lawyers for Lawyers, Sophie de Graaf, and the devastating impact cuts to legal aid have on the profession of lawyer and access to justice in the UK with the University of Leed's Chair of Law and Social Justice, Professor Hilary Sommerlad.

Our audience having joined us not only from our base in the Netherlands, but also from across the Atlantic, East and Southeast Asia, the Middle East, West Africa and Australia, we like to thank all participants for making EnRoL! a truly global event. We hope that we will have many more webinars like this with great discussion and such an engaging audience!

EnRoL! is the speaker series for everyone interested in the latest developments in human rights and the rule of law. Every two months, we give the floor to two female role models, scholars and practitioners, who will discuss human rights and rule of law matters from around the world. EnRoL! is organized by Dr. Stefanie Lemke (Founder & Chair) and Dr. Qiao Cong-rui (Discussant). You can find more information about EnRoL!, here.


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